Evolution Gaming’s version of Monopoly is called “Live.”

At long last, there is a live version of Monopoly!

Evolution Gaming has just announced the introduction of a game that exemplifies this idea to the fullest potential, and it is one of those games that comes along every once in a while that is so original and groundbreaking that it takes the category it belongs to to a whole new level. The game in question is called Monopoly Live, and it was developed by Scientific Games with a license from Hasbro. It provides all of the thrill of the classic board game version of Monopoly to live casino gamers all over the world.

What Does It Mean to Play Monopoly Live?

The Live Dream Catcher game, which has already shown to be incredibly popular among players of live casinos, is combined with the unrivaled appeal of the Monopoly board game brand to create the game known as Monopoly Live. The primary emphasis of the game is a brand new vertical wheel that has been cut up into individual sections. The majority of the segments are labeled with the numbers 1, 2, 5, or 10, however there are additional portions labeled with 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls, and CHANCE.

Bets are placed by players on which section of the wheel they believe will be selected once the wheel is spun and allowed to stop. If you place a bet on a numbered segment and that segment ends up being the winner, you will be awarded a monetary prize that is proportional to the likelihood of the number you chose and the amount that you wagered. If a player’s wager on a CHANCE segment is successful, then that player’s prize will be determined by the CHANCE card and given to all players who placed a bet on that segment. You will be whisked out of the wheel game and placed into a 3D Monopoly board game if a 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls section appears and you have placed a wager on it. This will allow you to take the proper number of rolls of the dice. If you have not placed a bet on any of these segments, you will remain in the wheel game.

A Memorable Experience for the Eyes

The Monopoly Live game is a wonderful time to be had by everyone who participate in it. Because augmented reality superimposes images on the live wheel component of the game, you will occasionally see Mr. Monopoly get involved in the action. For example, when players are required to submit a CHANCE card to win, Mr. Monopoly will appear.

Even more remarkable is the board game portion of Monopoly Live, which is displayed in a vast 3D universe and allows players to follow Mr. Monopoly as he travels around the board in the hopes of winning cash rewards along the way. To summarize, if you enjoy playing Monopoly in any of its iterations, you are going to adore this game, and if you are already a fan of Dream Catcher, you are going to adore it even more.

Participate in the Action in Person!

If you truly want to comprehend why the Monopoly Live title is so exceptional, the only way to do so is to head on over to Casumo Casino and give it a try for yourself. No amount of explanation could do the game justice, no matter how much was spoken about it. It’s possible that it will quickly become your go-to game!

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